“Kick Off”

Allama Iqbal

After we’ve devised our smart goals, its time to start working on it, without even wasting a minute so here’s my experience about #JustStarting

My Long Term Goal : To set up an arts business

To achieve my long term goal, i have divided it to smaller goals like getting enrolled in certified courses for visual arts, practicing my learning on daily basis and then start selling my paintings on smaller level.

I started searching for some authentic websites who offer online courses in this current pandemic situation. I also asked some of my friends about it and one of them knew about an institute offering online course for painting. I also joined visual arts group on facebook to get a better ideas about it

While i was searching, i found some websites offering free online courses for arts and that too along with the certificates. I immediately got enrolled in two of these courses:

1.Art history and appreciation course

2. Art & design in digital age

I also applied for the 2 months online course for painting available at Kinnaird college lahore.

Apart from these, i also signed up for the following workshops offered by BeingArtistic :

1.psychedelic doodling workshop (one day)

2.Mandala arts workshop

I hope to get the most out of these courses and get my goals achieved as planned InshaAllah. These courses will also add to my CV.

Once i’ve got enough certifications and practice, I’ll be looking forward to my next step as starting my small scale business of selling my art.

Better start today than tomorrow :)




Self taught artist

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Iqra Riaz

Iqra Riaz

Self taught artist

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