Red!!! Traffic light blinks…

Last night, our car along with a few others, stopped at a traffic signal, Raiwind Road Lahore. In no time, couple of transgenders rushed towards us and started begging around. One of them tapped on my window and said:

“thora sa MONEY dey do”

The way he insisted upon the word “MONEY” got me curious and I asked him abruptly if he knows how to speak English or ever been to school? To which he replied with a dull face “Baji hamen kon pochta hy yahan” and moved to the next car as i handed over some money to him.

Those words kinda stuck in my mind all night and i kept on thinking about how we as a community have turned our cold shoulders towards transgenders.

I decided to take up this topic for my mega project assigned by Amal Academy

This little interaction of mine gave me a clear picture of how helpless and frustrated transgenders are about this issue. I decided to approach them to dig deeper into the issue. However it was not an easy task at all.

I managed to get a contact number of one of the transgender’s community in lahore. Her name is Saima butt. I called her and told about my plan, to which she responded as “If you’re willing to pay me 5000 right now, i’ll give answers to all of your questions. I’ve been giving interviews to a lot of people like you telling us they want to help but in the end, we’re left alone right where we are. We don’t even have enough wheat for a whole month to survive this is how our life is”

This literally hit me hard!

Nobody really bothers to look for these people, listen to them and do something about it. They have no specific educational institutes for them, no employment opportunities. Biggest dilemma is how many of us look down upon these creatures of God and humiliate them to the extent that they no longer trust us, even for a friendly conversation. This made me realize how sensitive and how important is to address this issue. What if a single person from our community decides to teach at least one transgender at a time or make him learn a skill which they can use to earn money, instead of begging around. I wish to initiate this positive step.

I searched more about it on social media and found a link named “Wajood” a registered community based organisation in Rawalpindi. I talked to its director who’s name was Bubbli Malik and she was kind enough to agree for an interview but in the next week.

Mavria Malik — 1st transgender tv anchor in pakistan

Hopefully, I’d able to gather some more feedback from them. I’d try my best to find people with mutual interest for the education of the transgenders and set up a team for their welfare and service.

Self taught artist