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I started my Fellowship at Amal Academy in July 2020 when the world was on the verge of falling apart due to COVID’19. While every other student was disappointed by the idea of online classes, I was the one loving my first ever experience of virtual classrooms with Amal Academy. Those weekend sessions literally felt like home. 1 week left to the end of this beautiful journey and I would like to thank my Batch’s Facilitators, My fellows, and in fact the whole Amal Team for making these 3 months bearable as well as productive at the same time.

Throughout this period, I have learned a lot but the major take away is the courage and humility that Amal Academy has incorporated within me to show your sincerest “GRATITUDE” towards people who gave you the “LOLLYPOP MOMENTS” intentionally or unintentionally and trasformed you little by little to a better version of yourself.

This is one thing that specifically influenced me throughout my journey. Why? Because this is something most of us ignore. We’ve actually lost the importance and the valuable feelings behind saying thank you to the people who owe us in any way.

This was our Project Work 2 where we had to send handwritten gratitude letters to the people we inspire and love, and it was surprisingly awesome for not only the receivers but also to the senders as the people’s response makes them realize how greatly impactful can a small act of acknowledgment and gratitude be. Let me recall a beautiful line stated in our project work instructions:

“At Amal, we believe that a genuine compliment is the least expensive yet one of the most powerful gifts you can give someone”

From sending those thank you notes to your favorite people, to writing a professional thank you email to your facilitators and interviewers, the message of you, being humble and respectful is delivered along with your passion and this is where you can connect to the other person beyond the words.

Many of my fellows wrote gratitude letters to their teachers and mother, and one of them shared a beautiful insight during the live session, about her recognizing the efforts of her mother which made me think over the time where I last said thank you to my mother or even made her feel appreciated for everything she does for us.

Just like a bookmark to the book, I have clipped this beautiful lesson of empowering and appreciating others, to myself. You can be successful and reach your goal in life but what really matters, in the end, is how you value the journey and what it makes you learn. In other words, I believe you’re obliged to give your journey a reverential tribute for it let you be the better version of yourself.

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life” — Rumi




Self taught artist

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Iqra Riaz

Iqra Riaz

Self taught artist

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