Every sunset leads to a new sunrise.

The 3 months journey with Amal Academy has been the most incredible and transforming flight of my life. As a Career Prep Fellow, we have learned the idea of lifelong learning and that, there’s no end to your journey of success. We have learned to take adversity and resistance as an opportunity to learn and keep on striving.

The last session of our fellowship held us nostalgic, not because it was the last session together as a batch, but what really made us sentimental was the idea of “just talking and connecting” and making us realize there’s more to life than just work and that is ‘connecting’ with each other.

Our batch was full of diversity, people from all around Pakistan, and one from India too. This is when you connect to the people from different cultures and fields, your heart makes more room to accommodate that diversity and in turn, your scope of thinking and interpretation broadens. All those fellows from different backgrounds have now become a family. Take a look at my #AmalFamily ❤

From our “Taking Flight” last session, I can recall a question which was put forward for the fellows to answer:

“If you could have one superpower for the rest of your life, what would that be?”

I reflected upon this question in my heart for a minute or so and all I could think of was, “Know Yourself” Yes! I call it a superpower which many of us fails to grasp.

This is what Amal Academy has taught us, your 1st step (and the most difficult one I believe) to success is knowing yourself and what you’re capable of. I have been missing this superpower for a long and nobody before this fellowship taught me this. Having said that, I believe, knowing yourself is not what you do in a single day all by yourself, but it is a lifelong journey you’re going to travel with not only your capabilities but also, with the inspirations and motivation you’ve got from your surrounding people, just like my #AmalFamily.

The end of fellowship is not an end indeed but a new start to the path of success.

Thank you Amal Academy and Amal Fellows! :)

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