Every sunset leads to a new sunrise.

The 3 months journey with Amal Academy has been the most incredible and transforming flight of my life. As a Career Prep Fellow, we have learned the idea of lifelong learning and that, there’s no end to your journey of success. …

All our dreams can come true — if we have the courage to pursue them. — Walt Disney

I am sure most of the people are familiar with Disney and all its princesses’ stories. I’ve been a fan of Disney since childhood and all those glittering colorful scenes, starry nights…

Most exquisite things in life are short-lived but they are actually the people and places; memories and pictures; feelings and moments; smiles and laughter, that stay with us forever.

I started my Fellowship at Amal Academy in July 2020 when the world was on the verge of falling apart due to COVID’19. While every other student was disappointed by the idea of online classes, I was the one loving my first ever experience of virtual classrooms with Amal Academy

Tick Tock!

“Dear Time Machine, take me to the year 2012, 19th March — 24 hours before my final exam at college which I wasted playing instead of studying enough"

BOOM!💥 I got there.

Plenty of time to study again but before I could utilize that precious time and study…

Red!!! Traffic light blinks…

Last night, our car along with a few others, stopped at a traffic signal, Raiwind Road Lahore. In no time, couple of transgenders rushed towards us and started begging around. One of them tapped on my window and said:

“thora sa MONEY dey do”

The way…

Allama Iqbal

It has been rightly said by Allama Iqbal. Rarely in our daily life, we get a chance to focus on the importance of AMAL, however thanks to Amal Academy for giving us a task to #JustStart our Goals.

After we’ve devised our smart goals, its time to start working on…

Life is pretty much like Pubg. This is when you get knocked out by multiple bullets of hardships, failures and heartbreaks, you need someone to reach out to you and revive you back to life.

As luck would have it, My life is full of such people. However, some of…

Iqra Riaz

Self taught artist

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